My Prayers and Meditations


O Thou Benevolent Being we call “God”*, before Whose Glory all creation stand in servitude to the Power of Your Omniscience.

Thou Whom, we in our limitations call “God” art the fountainhead from which all the streams of life hath been made to flow.
Look down upon me in this land in a time of manifold tribulations, severed from all my kin and bereft of so many things which the hand of nature has so mercilessly taken from me.
Withhold not from me Thy guidance lest I should wander upon the path of error and fall into the pit of degradation and shame.

In the name of He who has been proclaimed “The Nightingale Of Truth” singing the Glory of Thy Behest, I beseech You to enable me to rid myself of all attachments and obstacles which hinder me form “immersing” myself into the Ocean of Your Love.

The infinite grandiloquence of the visible universe bear witness to me of Your immeasurable exalted Station.
If You so desire, You can make me a flaming arrow of truth flying form the bow of Your Will to pierce the uncertainties which now becloud my mind and obscure my path to the summit of moral rectitude.
O how I yearn to serve you with all my heart but my will is weak and the snares of the systemites are carefully and strategically laid before my feet waiting to trap me with each step I take.

Give me strength O Great Spirit, to rise above the dark feculent chasms of immorality, which are so great a temptation trying to lure me into their depths.
Though I have ratiocinated the unpredictability and the caprices of chance and time, I cannot but rue, lament and bewail the loss of my pecuniary sources for there are still many who depend upon me for sustenance.
I am like a branch swaying in a raging tempest, haunted by the memories of my own folly, my turmoil is exacerbated by the fury of nature’s wrath.
You O Great Spirit is my only source of solace and hope.