Commentary on Michael Manley

Commentary on Michael Manley by Kenneth George-DillPlease listen to the Audio

Michael Manley, was born in St. Andrew Jamaica on December 10, 1924, he died on March 6, 1997. He served as Prime Minister of Jamaica from 1972–1980 and from 1989–1992.

Bee Rite

Introducing Bee Rite Inc We can all do our bit to help bees whether that’s in our gardens, balconies or windowsills. You can also chat to friends and family about how cool bees are and help them to make their wild spaces bee-friendly.  Plant a range of flowers in your garden so bees have access…

rape accusation

A woman from the village of Bense accuses a police officer of rape, listen to the audio. I am offering 500.00 in cash to anyone who can provide me with the identity of this accuser and her contact information. Kenneth George-Dill – 561.372.1462

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