Requiem For Ethereal Souls

The Culmination

She walked among the trees with heavenly grace
Her voice as gentle as the wind
Speaking soothing words like dewdrops
Which bathes the sleeping morning glories
Awaiting the refreshing kisses of the sun

Concealed by the shadows of night
He embraced her so lovingly
As they listened to the beating of our own hearts
She freely and without rancour
Yielded to him her maiden affections

They shamelessly made love under the canopy of the skies
Watched upon by the moon and a galaxy of stars
His mind found sweet rest
With her hands in his
And his head lying softly
Upon her breast

She was closer than a friend
More loving than a mother
More intimate than a lover
She was a fountain, which fed him soothing water

Her Fading Away

In the prime of her life and the culmination of their love
The voice of eternity called her name
“Sad am I to go” she said to him “but go I must
The shores of yonder are calling me

Be not over mindful of my absence from you
Even the seeds must needs depart from the flower
Let not my voice fade in your ear
Or my love goes astray from your memory
Much do I love you
Strong is my desire to be with you
But the hour of separation is descending upon us
Even as the night is descending upon the day

Be consoled when I am gone
Another like me might pass your way again
Listen to the silence of the night
You may hear my song
Or the strumming of my guitar

His Lamentation

Now all he has are memories of her
And he yearns to be with her
He needs her like the desert needs rain
He feels her closer each day
Sometimes he feels the fragrance
Of her breath upon his face

His Song

Where are you my love
Are you hiding behind the stars
While you smile at me through the lips of the sun
It was but yesterday
I felt your gentle touch in a drop of rain
Last night as I listened to the whispering wind
I could hear you softly calling my name
It brought back memories
Of when we used to play, that little guessing game

Where are you my love
How can we keep that wow
We made under a dark Manchester sky
Won’t you please come take my hand
Lead me to where nights turn to days
And we’ll be together forever I pray

His Admission

In forever like never, I am a faithless man

Written in Mandeville Manchester Jamaica in 1978

Ken George Dill