San Souci Hotel

Sentimental Reflections Of Jamaica And The San Sousi Hotel

I lived about 5 minutes walk from the San Souci Hotel, seeing the spot where Charlie the Turtle lived makes me sad, as a young boy I would spend hours just watching Charley swim. Many of my poems were written on the grounds over which the hotel has now expanded.

I used sit on the jagged rocks and stare out at the Caribbean Sea. My cousin Barry, my brother Linval and I would often wake up in the mornings and go for long swims from the beach which has now become a private beach.

My sister Barbara and I used walk along that beach and play tag with the surf.
Those days have gone like a dream I have dreamt in another life, my brother Linval, my sister Barbara and my cousin Barry have made their transition to another dimension.

I sit here and think on my brothers Michael and Anthony who still walk beneath the azure skies of Jamaica and I miss them.
I am mindful of the children of Barry, Linval and Barbara, please be assured that I have a loving place in my heart for each and everyone of you.

From the House of Dill, you who are still in Jamaica or living in some foreign land, you are always in my thoughts.

A message to Andrea Dill, thank you for always reaching out to me.

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss