Some Shocking Truths

Some shocking truths:

A robust economy is much more important than a clean and safe environment.

That the pollution of human lungs and the poisoning of their food sources is justifiable if in doing so a lot of money is made.

That it is very acceptable for people in their twenties to suffer form heart diseases, cancer, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other pernicious illnesses if the Food and drug industries make billions of dollars at their expense.

Preventing or curing diseases, is not profitable but treating symptoms generate billions of dollars.

OK that may sound extreme, if it does, someone please tell me:

why are dangerous substances like phosphoric acid, High Fructose Corn Syrup are in our food.

Why the duplicity of trying to make us believe that using the term Fructose, instead on High Fructose Corn Syrup, we will be fooled, do they really believe that we are that stupid.

Toxic artificial dyes, Aspartame, MSG, cadmium and so many other harmful things are deliberately put in the food and beverages that humans are supposed to consume.

Why do the people who put sodium fluoride in the water systems have to wear protective clothing, why is the lie that fluoride in our toothpaste is good for our teeth, still perpetuated.

Why are we still being given food and drink in containers which leach Bis phenol A (BPA) into the food and beverages we consume, why does the FDA still allow the food industry to market hydrogenated products to the unaware consumers.

Beware people Monsanto is coming your way, be prepared to fight against their GMO products and never surrender you agriculture to them!!

When you shop for food products such as cereals, bread, oils and seasoning be sure to read the labels and look for the poisons which they contain and avoid buying them.

Look out for listings like “natural and artificial colouring or flavours” “approved flavours” “added spices” .

80% or more of all soy products are GMO based, I learned that the hard way, I used to consume large quantities of Soy Milk and I paid the price.

Canola is now very much on the GMO bandwagon, do not trust products containing canola unless it is “Certified Organic” or listed as “Non GMO”

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss