The Art Of Hypocrisy

The Art of Hypocrisy at play to destroy the Cockpit Country

“Mr Speaker, the goal of defining the boundary is to ensure forest conservation, protection of biodiversity, preservation and improvement of traditional livelihoods, and the creation of new economic opportunities from heritage, health and wellness tourism, and ecotourism.”
The words of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The fallacy of this statement by the Prime Minister is that you cannot protect an area form the effects of Bauxite Mining when the area to be protected is close to the area where you plan to operate Bauxite Mining. Bauxite Mining is a pervasive industry, its effects can spread for miles.

This is an insidious move by the Jamaican Government to brainwash people into believing that, where they operate the Bauxite Mining in the Cockpit Country, will have no effect on the so called area to be protected.

The Cockpit Country MUST be recognized in its entirety, not conveniently divided into, a so called protected area, leaving the rest of it to be destroyed by Bauxite Mining.

The “biodiversity” and “forest” you claim that you want to protect are in all of the Cockpit Country, not only in your so called area to be protected.
If you want to protect forests and biodiversity then protect all of the Cockpit Country.
“Eco Tourism” and Bauxite Mining are not compatible companions, one is destructive and the other is sustainable, which one you should choose, should not be too hard for you to figure out.


The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss