The Coming of the Aginorians

Chapter Three: The Coming Of The Aginorians

Now when the ships were 40 days gone from Anginor, Feldgikin was stricken by an unknown Malady and he died before they reached the shores of Olderion. After the death of Feldgikin, Ungalar his son became leader of the Aginorians. After many days they came upon the shores of the east of Olderion, they made fast their ships and ventured upon the land. They were astonished at the ruggedness of the land, vast mountains loomed against the skies like giant green gods guarding the plains and valleys. Crystal clear waters flowed out of the bowels of the mountains and there were creatures never before seen by the Aginorians .

Now Ungalar chose a site to establish the city his father Feldgikin dreamt of building. He spoke unto the Aginorian people saying “From out of Anginor we have come unto this new land and whether for good or ill we shall dwell here. Upon this spot we shall build a city, yes we shall built the city my father dreamt about and we shall call it the city of Feldgikin in his memory for he it was that led us out of Anginor to the freedom of this new world.” Then Namunkadar called his father in secret and said “Name not the city Feldgikin, if you do it will be accursed even like unto Feldgikin himself ” but Ungalar was worth with his son and would not heed him. And so it came to pass that the Aginorian people began building the city of Feldgikin.

Qhen the news came to Brunah that great ships were come upon the eastern shores of Olderion and that the strangers were building a city he was fearful. He remembered something form his distant past, that there was some prophesy that strangers would come to Olderion in great ships and they would prosper and build a mighty nation. It was all vague in his mind but nevertheless he was disturbed and he sent for his chief Lieutenant. Brunah said unto his chief Lieutenant “I have heard that a mighty host of people have landed upon the shores of the east and are building a city”. Go you unto them and speak thus, “The king of Bangotandrim welcomes you to Olderion and invites your king to Bangotandrim so that he may make his acquaintance”.

The Lieutenant straightway departed and when he was come unto the site where the city of the Aginorians being built, he saw a sight that was never before seen in all Olderion. All the host of the Aginorian people were labouring to build the city which would be called Feldgikin. The Lieutenant was astonished at what he saw, men women and children were working in unison with each other.

Then the Lieutenant of Brunah went forward and asked to be brought to their leader and they brought him before Ungalar. Thus spoke he unto Ungalar “My Lord, I have come form the kingdom of Bangotandrim to make the acquaintance of you and your people.

My Lord the King, Brunah bids me welcome you to Olderion and he is inviting you to come to Bangotandrim and make his acquaintance for if you and your people are to establish a kingdom here it is only right that there should be peace between the two kingdoms” Ungalar replied saying “I thank you for coming and I thank your king for the kind invitation but as you can see, there is much work to be done and though I am tempted to take up the offer of the king, duty must for a little while prevail until a more appropriate time” Now the Lieutenant of Brunah was dismayed that his master’s invitation was being turned down by this strange ruler who had suddenly appeared unbidden from beyond the seas. “But my Lord” protested the Lieutenant “My king places much importance upon your acceptance of his invitation, it would not be at all to his liking if you should refuse to come” Ungalar detected that there was anger in the Lieutenant’s voice and he became wary. “Come now my friend” he said “if your king was gracious enough to invite me a stranger to his kingdom, then will he not be equally gracious in understanding that I have not declined his invitation but will come as soon as I am able to” The Lieutenant of Bangotandrim was now visibly angry “My Lord you may do what pleases you at your own peril” “Am I to take this as a threat”? asked Ungalar, “My Lord you shall take it as you like” replied the Lieutenant and without another word departed.

Ungalar was very troubled by this encounter but he said naught to anyone. Now unknown to Ungalar, Namunkadar had watched with great interest the arrival and departure of the Lieutenant of Bangotandrim. Namunkadar perceived that there was much evil in his thoughts and he also perceived that there was a greater evil driving the man. Said Namunkadar unto Ungalar “Bid the people make haste with the completion of the city for war will not be long in coming upon us”.

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