The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

Words cannot accurately describe the ineffable Majesty of this place.

It is like nothing I have ever seen before, it is enchanting and at the same time awesome frightening and unfathomable.

Even by stretching the imagination to its limit, it is difficult to conceive of how a place like this was formed.

It is more intricate than an artist’s greatest masterpiece and more complex than a labyrinth or any jigsaw puzzle, it’s vastness defies believing what you see, when you gaze upon it.

Is the Grand Canyon a unique creation of nature? or was it fashioned by the tempestuous impulses of the god’s?

I guess we will never know for to reveal its secrets The Grand Canyon would no longer remain the mystery which captivates us all.

Ken George Dill
A visitor from the island of Dominica
2 October 2005

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