The Identity Crash

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An Esoteric and possibly didactic synopsis of the Moral, Religious, Social, Political, Economic, Spiritual, Food and Identity Crash.

Part One, Revealed To Me By The Gecko On The Blue Wall:

Chaos and turmoil ensue, social systems have broken down, racism, prejudices and injustices have fervently recrudesced in many lands.
The earth is crying out in pain because of the havoc being wreaked upon it by the very people it sustains, the banners of war are being raised high, world leaders boast about their ability to destroy each others countries, while “we the people” look on and watch them spend trillions of dollars to build the most powerful weapons of mass destruction.

Truculently they rave and spout tautological irrelevancies as they waste the people’s money perfecting ways and means to be the best at killing each other, ignoring the pernicious diseases which are spreading across their lands, turning a blind eye to the plight of the millions who cannot afford proper education, food or health care.

Inebriated with the lust for power and with an inveterate propensity to facilitate the ascendancy of the powerful over the weak and helpless, they no longer hear the voice of the people they are supposed to represent , they are so fully wide awake in their deeper sleep, no sound can wake them because they have adopted a convenient deafness so as not to respond to the call of the many who chose them to rule over their lives.

They blatantly allow and sometimes even facilitate insidious and evil corporations to genetically corrupt, manipulate, exploit and control the food and agricultural industry, infesting the food we eat and drink with harmful substances which unleash omnifarious diseases and illnesses upon us, we are then given prescriptions to seek treatment for the “symptoms” of our maladies, we now enter into control of the pharmaceutical industries, they lead us to believe that our prescriptions are for a medication which we cannot stop taking. They are actually right in saying that because what they give are to treat the symptom/s of an illness, symptoms are the manifestation of an illness, treating the symptom does not remove the illness, treating symptoms only helps us to endure the illness and we are able as David Wolfe puts it to“die longer”

Avoidance Of A Cure

Curing diseases is not profitable, for the continuation of the psychological and economic control of the victims of diseases, it is much more profitable to treat the symptoms for as many years as possible before they die”.

When faced with the potential loss of revenue from curing diseases , conscience which is at best quiescent in greedy minds will not suddenly wake up in defense of finding a cure? Alas no, when the loss of revenue looms large, conscience rapidly moves form quiescence to impotence.

Beware Of The Scammers

The lands are full of many waiting to take over your identity and pose as you, protect yourselves.

If it is difficult to understand what I am saying, it may be because your minds need to be adjusted to the wavelength of the exigencies of the times.

Alas!, a thousand and ten thousand times alas!, some religious leaders have now taken religion to a new level of spiritual corruption and moribundity, under the guise of soliciting donations and contributions, they charge their followers to negotiate with god on their behalf!! , “buy us jet planes so that we can do god’s work”, god now speaks directly to them and tell them specifically what the contribution of each member should be.

I say unto you tell them that god told you in a dream to give the money directly to Her, aha! I can see your confusion because I referred to god as Her, well the preachers have been lying about god for so long that I want to change the perception of the beguiled, even if it is with a sense of humour, but then again what if?

The House Of Allegory Revealed By The Gecko On The Blue Wall:

If you choose to descend even slowly beneath a chicken cage, do not be surprised if you are soon covered by the droppings of chickens, chickens do have droppings and they drop their droppings, not caring if they are dropping their droppings upon your heads.
Since you need to have your head with you at all times, if you must descend beneath a chicken cage, I suggest that you cover your heads before you do so.

Beware Of The Cacophony

The Cacophony is a strange place, I am frightened of it , because there are terrible commingled noises, some like an army of plastic dentures chewing their way through a weevil infested cornfield, you will see and hear many tortured souls hanging form the same strand of a repeated nightmare, wailing and lamenting while they hover between the borders of what they believe to be hell and heaven. Listen carefully here I am not condemning anyone for their beliefs , but is it is interesting sometimes when we analyze how we arrive at what we believe.

If you are afraid of the Cacophony do not enter it, turn around and try to go by way of the Labyrinthine path, those guarding the Labyrinthine path will try to exploit you in various ways but you must be sagacious enough to circumvent the snares they will lay at your feet.
You may be wondering why I am writing like this, why the language I use is so strange, you may even think that I have gone mad!!, I am really trying to jerk conditioned minds out of their established and controlled routine, I want you to become aware that your lives are being taken over by forces wanting to control how you think, what you eat, how you grow your food, what you wear and how you live.

Be assured I am not mad, the gecko on the blue wall just told me that I am not mad, it told me that if the judgment of madness is passed upon me because I defy the rules of a system which has enslaved our minds for too long, then I should embrace my madness very lovingly.
(End of the allegory)

Be Careful Of The Take Over

Beware of the multifarious snares insidiously designed by industries and corporations to embrangle you and keep you locked into a vortex of economic paucity, which will leave you at their mercy or to be more accurate “the mercilessness” of their control.

Fight, yes rise up and fight against the take over of your agricultural industries, do not succumb to the overtures of the “God Move Over” people, they are perfidious and flagitious liars, they have no interest in your well being beyond where they can control you and the production of your food.
Watch over your children assiduously, help them to keep their minds free of the garbage they are constantly bombarded with in so many surreptitious forms, steer them away from the brainwashing of the “God Move Over” people.

Teach them about the dangers of processed meats , foods and beverages deliberately loaded with dangerous chemicals and toxins, because they are the most unhealthy and fell* bane to be unleashed upon the well being of humanity, their deleterious effects will stretch all the way to their posterity. (fell in the above line is used as an adjective not as a verb)
All this was revealed to me by the gecko on the blue wall.

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