The Sixth Stage Of Awareness

The Sixth Stage Of Awareness, was My Allegorical and Satirical View Of The World in 1998

The Sixth Stage Of Awareness

I the Son Of Woman stood and watched in awe when on the last day of the twelfth month, exactly at the eighth hour of the morning, there appeared many sheep running along the seashore.The sight of this anomaly drew forth the barking of dogs with open mouths and snarling teeth, while their teething pups struggled to open their calcified eyes.

These sheep running along the seashore suddenly and without warning diverted their paths to the Rainforest.

Sheep not natural denizens of the forest were ill at ease, their heartbeats echoed in restless throbs.Suddenly there erupted a great cacophony that sounded like an army of plastic dentures chewing their way through a weevil infested cornfield.

Bombs were exploding, guns were blazing, poisonous fumes filled the air, the floodgates of junk foods were flung wide open, overwhelming the unsuspecting and those who were programmed to remain ignorant.

The food industry sanctioned by governing bodies wielding unchangeable power, unleashed upon the masses, unhealthy foods filled with harmful chemicals and addictive substances.The sick and the dying were ignored because no one wanted to accept responsibility for their deaths, as this would expose the evil ways of the controlling ones.

World leaders in whose minds conscience conveniently slipped into quiescence, allowing the lust for power, fueled by insatiable greed and backed by military might, truculently controlled the earth and its resources. Weaker nations subserviently bowed to the power of hegemonic forces they could not stand up to.

Like puffs of smoke and gushes of wrath the vassals of the powerful ones walked untrammeled through the jungle and unpolluted lands, looking for things to destroy in the name of development. Open handed servants of life bowed in nocturnal servitude, yearning for matutinal deliverance, while swords clashed and battle cries rang out.

In a north country, Senators and Congressmen fought to dethrone their leader whose priapic urges exceeded his judgment.

Lo and behold the great leader of men who loved flowers and could not keep up with the Joneses was brought low by a damsel who did not like to wash her carnally stained dresses.

While the sweet smell of fragrant things pervaded the forest, the sheep contemplated the inconsistency and the frailty of man. Murderers like Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Henry V111, Pol Pot, Maximilian Robespierre, Nero, Genghis Khan and Alexander miscalled “the great” are more famous and talked about than educators, doctors, healers, philosophers and even the great luminaries who “appeared like gods but died like men”,

Man eternally speaks of and cries out for peace, yet everyday he amasses more weapons to kill each other than the day before. Man while he speaks of unity perpetrates the oppression of his kind with the machinations of politics and religion.

Ever he discriminates against his own kind because of the colour of his skin or the culture in which he was not of his own free will born. Aggressively the pundits of religion use the name of God and the fear of Hell to prey upon the credulity of the credulous to enrich themselves.

They live luxurious lives flying around in million dollar jet planes paid for by the blood sweat and tears of the multitude in their congregation who slavishly and blindly allow themselves to be exploited with no protection from the powerful rulers who loudly remain silent. The innocent sheep moved on, oblivious of the sanctimonious rituals practiced by those whose twilight may never become day.

Still, they contemplated on how the systems of men discriminates against and marginalizes the status of woman who are the fountainhead of life, for her womb is the nexus form which the continuity of the world of man depends.

“Alas and a thousand times alas”, mournfully bleated the sheep “would that man could be more like sheep, maybe only maybe he would learn that the ways of sheep are better than the ways of man”

.KGD December 1998

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss