To Pat Braham

Hi Pat, Great to hear from you, I too sometimes think about the fading years of the life cycle and hope that clarity of thinking and mobility will not desert me.

Unfortunately the final outcome is not TOTALLY up to us because we are all caught up in this inescapable vortex of motion and change, and the caprices of its volition is often beyond our control.

So I focus on here and now and I enjoy the precious moments which can never be repeated, because the iron shod feet of time is mercilessly marching on exterminating the path leading to all things that were. Fortunately the rational mind can re-visit some of those past precious moments and even if only for a moment experience an exquisite exaltation.

It is indeed sad when the rational mind is assailed by pernicious maladies which drive it into confusion and chaos, preventing it from encompassing the beauty of the ineffable marvels surrounding us.

Epero que hablamos pronto

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