Transition 2

Jamaica 6.7.78

A star explodes in the infinite
Each fragment evolving into different races
Of people with different faces.

The winds of destiny scattered them across the earth
Where they roamed searching for “The One God”
Who laughed when they were silent and wept when they laughed
In their ignorance they fashioned
For themselves a triune God
And many other gods of wood and stone

The One God pitied them and send them messengers
To enlighten them but they rejected the messengers and slew them
When the angel of beauty visited them
They chased her away and said
“Greater than you can we create with our own hands”

And so man continued to roam the earth
Making wars among themselves
“The One God” sent them the angel of love
That she should embrace them and bring unity to their hearts
They waged war against the Angel of love
They opposed anything which deprived them of their hatred for each other

After many suns had passed
And many moons had been extinguished
“The One God” stood upon the Milky way
Gazing down upon man
Marching towards a mountain peak
Greatly burdened by law books and useless traditions
And The One God cried, for on the other side of that mountain
Was an Abyss of darkness.

Kenneth George Dill

The Earth is one country and all humans are its citizens Dismiss