Jamaicans, if as Windalco claims, “there is no toxic content in the red mud disposals” why is it that the Red Mud kills everything in its path and nothing growsin it even after it is solidified?.

Can Windalco tell us also that the dust from their operation is safe for our people to inhale.

Can Windalco guarantee that they will accept responsibility for the people whose health their operation is affecting.

Can Windalco tell us that they will compensate the farmers whose lands are being polluted by their operation.

Can Windalco guarantee that they can restore to normal conditions all the lands that their Red Mud will affect?

Will Windalco pledge 40% of their profits to assist in the following areas:

The health care of the people they have made sick
The lands of the farmers which they have destroyed
Financial assistance for the farmers whose lands were polluted
Financial assistance to clean up the affected water systems